The Walking Dead is ending… so I may start watching it again.

A marathon of The Walking Dead season 1 will air on AMC this weekend •  GEEKSPIN

The TV Gods have finally decided to put THE WALKING DEAD out of its misery. It was announced today that the AMC staple will end during an extended 11th season in 2022. I haven’t watched TWD since Glenn was killed (the second time) and haven’t been back since. And you know what? Life has been grand ever since. I had to bow out as the show became redundant and overly bleak. What was the point in watching a show week after week where no character had any hope nor was there a tangible resolution? We’re treated to one over the top villain season after season which became very tiresome, at least for me. Now that I know there’s an end game it might make the show tolerable for me. At least now there’s a point where these characters will, hopefully, find some relief from there apocalyptic nightmare and can live happy lives. Again, I haven’t seen the show since we had a Black President, so I could totally be talking out of my ass and these characters may have already survived the zombie apocalypse and the show has basically become a FRIENDS ripoff with guns. Oh wait- there’s also going to be a new spinoff revolving around Carol and Darryl’s characters debuting in 2023? So does the zombie apocalypse continue? We’ll also still have FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, the upcoming THE WALKING DEAD: WORLD BEYOND series, the Rick Grimes movie, and another spinoff series called TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD. That’s a whole lot of zombie action we have coming.

AMC and Robert Kirkman have really milked the hell out of their once-beloved zombie franchise and it’ll be interesting to see how the new projects are received. The show is still wildly popular with some people and the ratings are respectable enough to warrant the expansion of the franchise. Will the new projects continue to peak curiosity into this world or will audiences be zombied out in a couple of years? Time will only tell. With the real life horrors happening at an all time high and my state literally being on fire right now I’ll probably skip TWD universe for the foreseeable future in favor of something more uplifting, like P-VALLEY. However I am happy to know that if I decided to get back into the original series it has a marked end date in the not too distant future.

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Remember when Shane was running things?


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