Trailer Park: Spiral

Shudder Releases New Trailer for "Spiral" - We Have A Hulk

Not to be confused with the upcoming SAW spinoff, this SPIRAL is not your typical run of the mill horror sequel. Debuting on Shudder this Friday, SPIRAL stars Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Malik and Ari Cohen as Aaron- a mixed-race gay couple who move to small town with their 16-year old daughter for a better life. While their new idyllic town seems to be inviting and family-orientated things are not as they seem. When Malik starts to suspect something sinister is beneath the friendly smiles of his neighbors things quickly go haywire and he has to beware of who he can trust.

Spiral (2019)

Written by Colin Minihan and John Poliquin, and directed by Kurtis David Harder, SPIRAL will make its debut on Shudder this Friday, September 17th. It anyone else getting GET OUT vibes from this movie? Regardless, SPIRAL looks fantastic!

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