First look at the new ‘Texas Chainsaw’

With just about every 2020 horror movie getting pushed back into (hopefully) next year, I completely forgot about the films that were originally slated for 2021. As we all know Fede Alvarez will produce a new TEXAS CHAINSAW movie as part of another rebooted franchise. I think it’s safe to say Leatherface is the Spiderman of the horror genre with a rebooted film every few years. Today, the filmmakers launched the official website for the in-production film along with new artwork. This first teaser poster doesn’t offer much in terms of what we can expect, but I assume it involves Leatherface chasing a skinny girl in tight pants in the woods. Just guessing. Either way I’m looking forward to see what director David Blue Garcia has in store for the upcoming sequel. The film’s tagline clearly sets this as another direct sequel to the original 1974 Tobe Hooper classic. The new film stars Elsie Fisher, Jacob Latimore and Sarah Yarkin. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

jacob latimore | Tumblr
New ‘Chainsaw’ star Jacob Latimore

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