Billy is back in a fan-made sequel to ‘Black Christmas’

Ready or not, one of the most seminole Christmas movies ever made is about to get a sequel. No, this isn’t the rumored third GREMLINS movie. Nor is it another sequel to A CHRISTMAS STORY that’ll flop (there’s 3 sequels!). Bob Clark’s 1974 classic, BLACK CHRISTMAS, will finally get it’s own continuation with the fan-made film, IT’S ME, BILLY. It is rather odd that BLACK CHRISTMAS, a groundbreaking and highly influential horror film (you’re welcome HALLOWEEN) never got the sequel treatment. Sure we got a remake in 2006 and a film using the same IP in 2019, but somehow an actual sequel never happened. Until Now. The story follows Sam, the granddaughter of Jess, the heroine from the original film who, with her two best friends, is spending Christmas Eve at her grandmother’s old country mansion. Stalked by a sinister evil that’s been lurking in the shadows for nearly 50 years, Sam is about to come face to face with her grandmother’s chilling Christmas past, the deranged psychopath known only as Billy.

Written and directed by Bruce Dale and Dave McRae, the duo has made a name for themselves in the fan-film market. IT’S ME, BILLY serves as a respectable homage to the classic original. While I love the 2006 remake and have softly defended the 2019 in the past, IT’S ME, BILLY looks like a welcome surprise to the BLACK CHRISTMAS legacy. It actually seems more in line with the first film than either remake. The sense of dread and fear juxtaposed against the beautiful snowy background, IT’S ME, BILLY will probably be added to my winter horror collection come next year.

Stayed tuned for more details as IT’S ME, BILLY is expected for release in spring 2021.

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