Silent Night, Deadly Night reboot is in the works because…of course it is

I think this is a good thing…I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s been a long day. It was announced today that everyone’s favorite classic killer-Clause movie, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, is getting the reboot treatment next year. Orwo Studios and Black Hanger Studios, who are also behind the upcoming JEEPERS CREEPERS: REBORN, will produce the feature. Released in 1984 to a slew of controversy over it’s concept and marketing, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT follows the gorgeous Billy Caldwell who, after witnessing his parents murdered buy a guy in a Santa costume, goes on a killing spree of his own. The controversy didn’t stop the success of the film and 4 sequels and a very loose remake remake followed. The second film follows Billy’s younger brother Ricky who goes on his own murderous adventure and inspired the (in)famous “Garbage Day!” meme.

my gif gif LOL film 1987 garbage day silent night deadly night silent night  deadly night 2 ricky caldwell eric free lee harry kim-jong-chill •

The third film connects Ricky to a visually impaired girl as he hunts her down via psychic powers or something- it’s very HALLOWEEN 5 but without Tina and acknowledgment of pacing. The fourth film, subtitled INITIATION, completely abandons the previous storylines and does the first reboot in the series. Instead of focusing on hot killer Santas, the story focuses on the very Christmas-themed coven of witches. It’s easy to laugh at absurdity of the concept, but thanks to improved acting, impressive visual effects, and an engaging story, INITIATION is the strongest entry in the series. Yup, I said that. The fifth film, subtitled, TOY MAKER, follows…and evil toy maker. Starring SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT protester, Mickey Rooney, TOY MAKER is another surprisingly enjoyable entry in the franchise. There’s a “remake” that was released in 2012 simply titled, SILENT NIGHT, which pays homage to many of the iconic moments of the first entry but offers nothing to the series other than a disconnected villain and unimpressive backstory.

I consider myself a fan of the series, but I have no allusions to their low-grade quality. Acknowledging the inferior quality of these films is part of their charm. I can’t say that I’m surprised a reboot is in the works. Our society isn’t as conservative with wholesome images, like those of Santa, as we used to be so it’s a safer time to release a killer Clause film. I just hope the new movie has fun with the franchise’s legacy and doesn’t try to make the story too serious and straightforward because honestly, there’s no coming back from “Garbage Day!”

Or this…

The Bloody Pit of Horror: Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!  (1989)
Bill Mosley as Ricky 2.0 in Silent Night, Deadly Night 3

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