“I like horror movies, I like food, I like sitting in front of the computer writing about those two things instead of paying bills. ” – yeah, that’s just me

When I say I like horror movies I mean I like the real ones.  I know that Freddy Krueger was a child-killer and not a child-molester.  I know Jason Voorhees didn’t kidnap women who looked like his mom.  I know Michael Meyers didn’t just kill people who lived in trailer parks.  I’ve seen the original incarnation of everything Michael Bay has done.  Dario Argento is someone I want to hang out with.  I follow Todd Farmer on Twitter for shit’s sake.  Danielle Harris and Heather Langenkamp are the equivalent to Meryl Streep to me.  I’m a product of the 80’s and I was witness to the second golden-age of horror movies.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments that you don’t want to leave in the open comments section for me my email is: ineedyoujesse@gmail.com





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