Can Somebody Come and Get Corey Feldman?

Corey Feldman returns to TODAY to 'Take a Stand'

Everyone in the horror community is abuzz thanks to a recent interview by with actor and famed musician Corey Scott Feldman. In a nutshell, Feldman dropped some lukewarm tea regarding the status of the FRIDAY THE 13th series, it’s future and the aborted Tommy vs. Jason film. If you’re a fan of the Friday series and have some basic understanding of the ongoing lawsuit and some semblance of understanding Mr. Feldman then you know to take the news with a Jupiter-sized grain of salt. Either way, the interview is interesting as Feldman show’s his love for the franchise and Tommy Jarvis. I just had to interject with some of my personal thoughts below:

On the future of the series:

“I think if we do any reboots, the reboot should be the Tommy vs. Jason reboot. (I actually agree this would be a cool concept for a stand-alone film. Jason vs. Tommy wouldn’t work for a series of sequels but a one-off would be great.) Interestingly enough, some guy came up to me at a party (I’m assuming Feldman was somebody’s “plus 1”), this is true, two weeks ago, and said he has resolved the rights issues (He did?) He’s a lawyer (oh honey- a lawyer? In Hollywood?), and he has resolved the rights issues around Friday the 13th, and that things are working out, and now they’ll be able to start making Friday the 13th movies again. (None of this is true, I’m sure, but okay sis, go off).

Apparently, he’s not a fan of the 2009 reboot either:

Let’s just hope they don’t make it like they did the last one (the one that most people finally love and accept?), because that was terrible (Such a hater). Where they messed up is they had been meeting with me about doing Tommy vs. Jason, like H20 style (at least he was spared from a contractual “JASON: RESURRECTION”). That was the plan… They didn’t go that route and they went and did this awful atrocity (uh-uh, not “atrocity”) of a reboot instead and look what you got (a movie that aged better than MEATBALLS 4?)… Not to talk badly about Platinum Dunes (but you will), but I had met with them prior to making that movie and they had promised me (even though I didn’t sign a contract) that they were going to use me and bring Tommy Jarvis back in the version that they had originally planned to make, and then that all got scratched for that ridiculous whatever-it-was.” (It’s like hearing the first Aunt Viv talk shit about FRESH PRINCE after she left the show.)

What does Mr. Feldman envision for a new ‘FRIDAY’ movie?

If they were doing things the right way (because that’s how Hollywood always works) and they were listening to what the fans (and not focus groups) really want, and they had their ear to the ground and the pulse of what’s going on in pop culture society (again, focus groups and Tik Tok trends), what they should do is revamp the idea of bringing tommy (Or Ginny from Part 2) back [40] years later to go up against his nemesis the same way they did with Jamie Lee Curtis (and Ellen Burstyn) and the Halloween reboot. Now, of course they’ve taken that idea and redone that five different ways… Well, all we’re asking for is one, one Tommy vs. Jason sequel. That’s all we’re asking for.” (Personally, I just need a “Jason killing horny teens in the woods”, but I’m rooting for you Mr. Feldman. I’m rooting for you.)

There’s been the idea that every survivor from every Jason movie should get together and have Tommy guide them through this one last adventure against Jason. That was an idea that I had been told a while back, which is okay. I think even that’s a little bit hokey (I thoroughly agree with Mr. Feldman). I don’t think you need all that. Me and the original writer (It’s the original writer and I, Mr. Feldman) of The Final Chapter, Barney Cohen, had gotten together and fleshed out a treatment for Tommy vs. Jason and we were pitching it to Paramount and New Line about 6-7 years ago, but it just never went forward because of all the tie-up and all the legal litigation stuff going on (Yes- that’s solely the reason it didn’t move forward.) But that’s it, if that stuff is truly over, then maybe it’s time to revisit that conversation.”

Given Corey Feldman’s current position in pop culture it’s easy to dismiss his claims, I’m even having a little fun with the interview myself. However it is refreshing to have an actor, who’s had success in other, even bigger films, still show love for his horror roots. The fact that he’s been trying to bring Tommy vs Jason to the big screen for years and his ongoing connection to the FRIDAY THE 13th films deserves some respect. Too many actors try to distance themselves from horror or even the horror film that introduced them to audiences when they achieve outside success or got a Dragon Tattoo. I’d love to see Tommy and Jason battle it out one last time and whenever this legal chaos is cleared I’ll be the first in line to see Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis going against Jason once again.


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