3 Chicagoan high-rolling friends stop at a stand-alone ATM one night before buying pizza and are trapped by a parka-sporting stalker who kills a guys who’s walking his dog at 2 in the morning and the only person of color in this film’s depictions of a major metropolis.  They band together to outwit and escape the deranged psycho but with as with any other film that debuts on VOD before theaters we watch them go through the motions.


The actors deserved much better than what they were given.  As in THE WACKNESS, Josh Peck proves that he’s fully capable of transitioning from a cute kid actor to a character that excels in douchocity (yep, I said it) and as relatable as a young corporate climber.  Brian Geraghty, admirably, understates the character and prevents him from being the stereotypical “straight man.”  Alice Eve is pretty, thin and blonde.  ‘Nuff said.


I didn’t think I could muster 1 sentence, let alone 5 sentences for “The Good” section of this movie.  That’s because is a giant, 90-minute WTF? experience.  We follow 3 bright professionals who live in a major metropolitan area (which is assumed to be Chicago) yet the go to a desolate stand-alone ATM machine?  Doesn’t make sense.  Everyone, whose age has to average 25, leaves their cell phone in the parked car- which by the way- is parked a good half-mile away from the door of the ATM, after midnight. Doesn’t make sense.  We see the killer make elaborate plans to kill strangers going to the ATM in the middle of the night yet there’s no motive nor insight?  Doesn’t make sense.  There’s 3, well-fit early mid 20s against 1 dude in a parka yet they evade every opportunity to escape him? Doesn’t make sense.

ATM suffers from realistic actions by the characters.  Everything is set up for killer’s benefit.  Why did David park his car so far away.  What was up with Corey ATM’s card.  Why is it a week before Christmas, in Illinois, the temperature is below 1 and no one has a descent coat and hat on?  Who was the killer and his motivation?  A killer having a lack of initial motivation to the audience is nothing and has been pulled off brilliantly in films such as Halloween and Black Christmas.  However, what made those killings and taunts so daunting was the simplicity in their execution.  In this film, the non-motivated killer is practically Urkle in figuring out a plan of murder.


Simply put, this movie sucked.  The characters were unrealistic, the killer was pretentious and had no motive and Alice Eve is cute, but was a stock “chick” character.  What is initially an interesting premise and muddled with an amateur script.  Please, no sequel.

* out of 4

Food Pairing

Fresh humus and pita chips.  Cherry vodka, mixed with Crystal Light.

humus: 1 can of garbonzo beans (or chic peas), 4 tbls of Tahini sauce, 4 garlic cloves, mix with salt, pepper, squeeze of half a lemon and drizzle canola oil until the consistency you desire.

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