First Look at SyFy’s DAY OF THE DEAD

The SyFy Channel has quickly morphed into the “Horror” channel we all deserve. During this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con@Home, the network released the trailer for the upcoming DAY OF THE DEAD series. Based on the 1985 George Romero classic, the series follows 6 strangers during the first 24 hours of a zombie outbreak as they try to survive and outwit the undead. Considering DAY has been remade, spun-off, and sequelized within every inch of this life, I was somewhat surprised that a series was being developed based on this installment rather than any of the other 5 films in the Romero series. Imagine if LAND OF THE DEAD or DIARY OF THE DEAD were serialized. Even DAWN OF THE DEAD would’ve been an interesting take. Considering the trailer doesn’t show the action confined to a military base, like that of the parent film, I guess it doesn’t really matter which installment serves as the series base. The connection to the film(s) seems loose at best, but time will tell.

With AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD finally crawling to an end, DAY OF THE DEAD is probably coming along at the perfect time. It’s dark humor and action-heavy tone asserts itself as its own zombie nightmare that, if done right, could make this series the next great zombie adventure. DAY OF THE DEAD will premiere this October, alongside the CHUCKY TV series, on the SyFy Channel.

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DAY OF THE DEAD star Keenan Tracey

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