Classic Trailer Park: The Hunger

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For our Classic Trailer Park series, we’re going to highlight effective genre movie trailers.  While these clips are highlighted, this doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of the film itself, only the effectiveness of the preview.  Some films have excellent trailers but the film is terrible like The Nightmare on Elm Street remake, while for others, the opposite can be true like the original Friday the 13th.

Since the L WORD: GENERATION Q is on hiatus and they still insist on keeping up the charade that Darlene is straight on THE CONNERS I have to go old school to get my lesbian fix for the time being. (Not as creepy and pervy as that sounds.) I’ve heard a lot about THE HUNGER over the years but have yet to see the Tony Scott-directed vampire opus (It’s in my Prime watchlist though). Starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and a post-ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Susan Sarandon, THE HUNGER, as described by Cavett Binion on Rotten Tomatoestells the story of a centuries-old vampire capable of bestowing the gift of immortality on her lovers — namely her current partner John. To sustain their sanguinary requirements, the pair cruises 1980s New York nightclubs in search of victims. When John awakens one morning to discover telltale signs of aging, it is revealed that his own sustained youth is not permanent, and his physical decay begins to increase at an incredible rate. In a panic, John visits the clinic of scientist Sarah Roberts, who has recently published a book on reversing the aging process, but she initially dismisses him as a crank, leaving him to sit in the lobby for several hours… during which his body ages several decades. After learning of his condition, Sarah traces John to his uptown flat. John is nowhere to be found, having been consigned by Miriam to a box in the attic with her legions of undead loves, leaving Miriam to deal with Sarah — which she does quite effectively, seducing her into a steamy lesbian tryst. Their passion is consummated by a mingling of Miriam’s blood with Sarah’s, which later manifests itself as a psychic link between the two women and leaves Sarah with a rapidly-increasing appetite for blood.

Man! I miss that mid-80’s androgynous, designer-coke with the slicked back hair look.

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