Cancel All Your Plans For This Weekend

Can you believe we’re already marching towards the end of Pride Month already? It seems like it was just yesterday I decided to give up all carbs and bust out my booty shorts to get ready to hit the bars and parades but then I remembered we’re still in a pandemic. This means the booty shorts will have to wait until next year- you’re welcome America. A better way to close out the month is to join the folks over at Frightgown this weekend. Frightgown will be a weekend long virtual convention showcasing all the best in queer horror. There will be tons of feature films, short films, virtual watch parties, panel discussions and much more. Donations will be accepted and will go to an amazing and very important organization Transgender Law Center.

Join me as I will be co-hosting the virtual watch party on Sunday, June 27th with @blakkcupcake and @matty_zaddy for the classic(?) BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER. If you, somehow, have never seen this rose in a concrete garden before, the story follows an eccentric aunt who’s obsessed with her hot and barely legal nephew and will stop at nothing to keep him from leaving her. Trust me- it’s gayer and more over the top than my shrewd (yet accurate) description gives it credit for. You can find BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER streaming on Shudder. So join us this weekend.! It’s for an amazing cause, you’ll have a ton of fun and let’s face it- gas prices are sky high so you shouldn’t be in these streets anyway.

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