Got any plans for October 16, 2020?

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To everyone’s non-shock and non-surprise, a new HALLOWEEN film will soon grace the silver screen.  After the monstrous success of HALLOWEEN 2018, it should come as no surprise that the Haddonfield Slasher will continue his reign of terror and, hopefully, continued box office success for even more sequels.  According to Collider, production on the sequel will begin this September and a release date has already been set for October 16, 2020.  Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak are all slated to return as the Strode Family but to what extent remains to be seen.  As with most slasher sequels, expect to see the survivors have a whole new set of friends seemingly unaware of what their friends went through the previous year.

I’ve heard conflicting reports regarding who’s helming this sequel.  While it has been reported that David Marshall-Green and Danny McBride will return to direct and write the script, respectively, it is worth noting that nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, as is the case with John Carpenter’s return.  Blumhouse, the production company behind the film,  seems pretty eager to reunite the crew for HALLOWEEN 2020 and I’m sure we’ll get an official announcement fairly soon, once the contracts have been signed.  The last film was one of the most well-received installments in the entire franchise from critics and audiences alike and was the highest grossing installment in the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed HALLOWEEN 2018 and really appreciated all the easter eggs for the dismissed installments added to the film.  I also thought James Jude Courtney made an excellent Michael Myers and hope to see him back in the new sequel.  Tell me:  Are you excited for HALLOWEEN 2020 or are you ready for ole Mikey to retire from killing and retire?   Let me know what you think in the comments.


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